Sunday, 15 March 2015

Once Upon a Star!

During my break from blogging things changed dramatically here, I now have an actual job as a Community Development Worker! It is a job a love and builds on the teaching I have done in communities around the county.

It has meant a massive shift in how my family works, I no longer have the freedom to manage my time that I had as a freelance teacher. It has been a major adjustment for us all, but one we have all come through still smiling!

I have been teaching around the hours I work - 3 after school clubs and weekend classes!

My monthly sampler class has just had it's 6th class and we have a selection of gorgeous blocks. We now have the fun job of creating the quilt top and exploring machine quilting. Another round of this class will start in September - more info soon!

Foundation piecing star
I recently met a lovely new student who is coming for patchwork lessons. We will be making a quilt using different star patterns and techniques. It is going to be a fun adventure in piecing.

Part of a Christmas Star

I mentioned the idea to my Saturday class who all asked to give the course a go - and a new class was born!

HST Star

The Once Upon a Star patchwork course will start on Friday 17th April at 10am at GL11 Community Hub in Cam. There are 4 places left if you would like to come along. Just email me too book a place.

It is going to be a wonderful adventure in piecing techniques to create a gorgeous starry quilt!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Travelling Back

Detailed shot of my City and Guilds coursework - I love the colours!

It has been a long time since I lasted posted a here.... infact it has been five and a bit months!

It was never a break I had planned - infact I had ideas lined up and things to show you. Then everything changed... and even when things settled down I found I was afraid to come back to my blog - sounds silly doesn't it?

But at 5.30am on a cold Monday morning, I have beaten the fear and wanted to say hello to the people who are still visiting my humble blog!

I have loads to share from the 5 months, sewing adventures and course work, which I plan to blog over the coming weeks.

Thank you for still visiting my humble blog - now the first step has been taken the next few are much easier!