About me

Hello, my name is Anna and I am fabric addict... it has been 30 minutes since I last touched some scrummy fabric...

I have a serious addiction to patchwork and quilting that goes back too many years to count! As a teenage I refused to sew at school - it was an all girls Catholic school that pushed the girls should be girls ethos and I take after my mother who was strong willed and determined! I took the science and maths route, ending up at university studying Astrophysics - think lots of boys, not many girls and alcohol!

But the moment that changed everything is so clear in my mind I could almost touch it... it was at my room mates house and a copy of Prima magazine with an amazing patchwork quilt pattern inside. At that moment an obsession with quilts, fabric and sewing began! I spent the last of my student loan on a cheap machine from Argos and the rest, as they say, is history!

Sewing is my escape, I have a small desk in the corner of my room at allows me to create in peace. I am also half way through a City and Guilds in Machine Embroidery. I like to keep challenging myself!

I raise 3 wonderful, smart and funny boys who make me laugh and cry in turn! I am a lone parent which makes life interesting and challenging, but also great fun and our lives are full of adventure, laughter and huge amounts of love!

When I am asked how I juggle so many things my standard reply is coffee, coffee and more coffee!


  1. Mmmmm... Coffee! Great looking group of guys you have there. Thanks for sharing this little bit about you!


  2. Hi Anna, I've just come across your blog and already you've made me laugh, I'm also a fabric addict, but I help out at brownies and scouts and as for coffee, it's one of my staples to.
    I'm now off for a wander around your blog.