Thursday, 1 August 2013

Improv Patchwork!

A couple of weeks ago I had a fabulous weekend in London on Fat Quarterly Retreat.

I met so many lovely people and had time to enjoy London without kids attached - eating dinner out at 10pm was amazing!

As part of the weekend I took a class in EPP, learnt how to use Touch Draw and took a hand quilting class.

I also took a class with the wonderful Lu Summers of Summersville. It was all about portholes, which are really fun to make!

 I chose Comma for the focus fabric and then went crazy with matching Kona solids!

I love the explosion of colour!

I wasn't lucky enough to get into Lu's class on Improv quilts, but I was able to buy her new book:

It has Portholes as well as loads of patchwork techniques to try out. I am planning on using a few of them to turn the blocks into a small quilt.

Lu even signed it for me... I think the 'crazy lady' description is pretty accurate!

I loved my weekend making new friends and taking Lu's class - my first patchwork class in 17 years of quilting!


  1. Yours are much nicer than my portholes (must try harder...) and I bought the book too for exactly the same reason :D

  2. Love the fab portholes, esp the star one! I didn't buy the book at FQR as I was attempting to stick to a budget - but it looks reaaaaally good!