Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Summer Juggle

My poor blog has been really neglected over the last 2 weeks!

A combination of 3 active boys at home all day, work deadlines and a decision to do something about my health (read addiction to coffee) has resulted in not much time for anything else!

It is now 2 weeks without caffeine and I finally feel much better, most of the time!

I did manage to get the Festival of Quilts last week, which was amazing!

This is an action shot of the queue outside the halls! It was a very long queue!

I didn't take any photos in the show, I was too busy admiring and gossiping with my lovely friend Liz who doesn't quilt, but loved the show. My interest has definitely changed to a fascination of the texture and design process of the Art quilts and the amazing works of art they create from seemingly humble inspiration. It fitted perfectly with the design part of the City and Guilds of my module that I am working through at the moment. It was good to see other people working on the path I want to take.

I only took a small budget and came away with 2 books about design and textile art, thread and needles. The only fabric I bought was from Simply Solids to finish my book shelf quilt - bit of a shock to my system!

I did get to try out a Sizzix Big Shot and it is amazing! I need one of them in my life! It will work perfectly with some of the groups I work with you struggle to use a rotary cutter or scissors. It's on my list from Santa this year!

I was slightly naughty when I got home and ordered this entire collection from M is For Make:

This is just 3 of the Just for Fun Collection from Birch Fabrics!

I fell in love with it and thought I would put it into my stash for a later date, but midi has seen it and we have started designing a new quilt for his 8th birthday in November - at this rate they will each leave home with 20 quilts each!

Hope you are enjoying your summer and managing to get some sewing done!


  1. I love how you can apportion part of your stash to the boys - a genius idea. I must try that! Hope the detox is going well x

  2. Hey Anna.... Blog only comes before boys in the dictionary. You got it right! Glad to hear you are feeling good! Love the fabric additions!