Wednesday, 3 July 2013

FAL Q2 - City Curves

A couple of weeks ago finished the FAL Q2 Trip Around the World. It is now in it's new home in the boy's school library/den!

This is the week of sharing our FAL Q2 Projects and on my list to finish was Maxi's City Curves quilt. I have shared lots of photos of this quilt in progress, but this is the first set of photos of the finished quilt.

It is a curvy city scape of buildings, windows and brightly coloured sky!

Each part of the quilt is quilted differently, making it feel different in different parts. There are all sorts of designs, each testing out my FMQ skills and building my experience. It has resulted in a quilt that is both visually, but physically exciting to explore!

The back is a mix of fabrics, which Maxi loves!

It has a lovely weight to it, which makes it lovely to cuddle under. I love seeing Maxi sleeping under it every night!

It is the quilt I am most proud of and love seeing it being used!

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