Saturday, 12 October 2013

40 Kids Making 40 Aprons....

A few weeks ago the deputy head at my boys school emailed me about making aprons at school with the lovely year 2 (they are all 6/7 years old!)

She had omitted to mention that it would be 40 kids making 40 aprons.....

That is 40..... believe me that 40 small children in a room is a lot of little faces!

So I went along with my lovely sewing machine, lots of pins and scissors.....

I had drawn a template for the girls aprons and we used a sheet of A4 on folded fabric to cut a chefs apron for the boys - no curves allowed here!

There were lots of lovely parents helping with cutting and sewing on of buttons. It was my job to turn the top edge of the aprons and stitch some webbing on with the kids.

All of the class had a go on my sewing machine under close supervision!

I love the enthusiasm this age range have! They loved the speed control on the machine. We sewed at tortoise speed on the short bits and then we went super sonic with the longer stretch across the front! There was lots of 'ooohhhhs, aaaahhhhhs, and wows!'

It was loads of fun! And the smiles on their faces when they had made their aprons was priceless!

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of aprons! Great project and it looks like the kids enjoyed it :)