Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Shopping #5

The week has flown by again.

We are currently in the middle of an illness bug that is doing the rounds at the boys school, so I have been busy working, Scouting and look after them. Roll on week 2...

So shopping....

No I haven't been spending pennies again but I have been window shopping!

First up is a bundle I bought a couple of weeks ago from Alice at Backstitch. Alice has the most amazing selection of Klona solids. I love Klona solids because they are perfect as a solid colour in quilts, plus I use them for my classes when teaching pouches, purses and clutches.

My supplies were running low so I got this amazing bundle of colour:

Backstitch, Bright Bundle

This made me gasp with joy when I opened it. The colours are amazing!

Backstitch has a wonderful new website and if you order from it this month you will be entered into an amazing giveaway so go visit!

This next collection of fabric is a must have on many quilters lists. In all honesty is growing on me and I think I might need some for my stash so when it has worked itself into a pattern I will have it ready!

Briar Rose by Heather Ross is a lovely collection of fabrics with delicate designs. I would need a little girl to make a quilt for......

You can get Briar Rose from

The Village Haberdashery
The Eternal Maker
Fat Quarter Shop

Hope you like exploring these 2 collections of fabric.

I had planned on updating you on my City and Quilds progress on Friday, but completing as much of first embroidery sample as possible took all of my child free time! Check back tomorrow and there should be some progress pictures!

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