Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sunday Shopping #4

I had a fun week last week getting fabric for a quilt for a lovely friend who is 18 next year.

You may remember that I made a quilt last October for my friend Lily who was turning 18. Well, when I delivered the quilt Lily's twin sisters put in their orders. Luckily they aren't 18 until next year.

Becca loved Angela Walters first collection, but I missed out getting bundles. Plus I was put off by the panel.... I just didn't know what I would do with it. When I spotted Legacy by Angela this year I knew it was perfect. This week I found a wonderful bundle at a new-to-me shop, Stash Modern Fabric:

Legacy by Angela Walters

It is an absolutely beautiful bundle, plus they had a wonderful bundle of coordinating solids which will make designing a quilt so much more fun!

Pure Elements solids 
I can't wait until it arrives! Sometimes I wish I could teleport over the pond to be able to collect the fabric in person...

You can get Legacy at these wonderful stores:

Stash Modern Fabric
Fat Quarter Shop
Hawthorne Threads

I have a slight obsession with Tula Pink.... it is more like a massive obsession!

So her new and totally fabulous collection Acacia is on my MUST HAVE SOON list:

It is so fabulous:

My only issue is that I need to save up to buy the entire collection, I just can't choose a single colour way!

You can get them at these wonderful shops:

The Village Haberdashery
Fat Quarter Shop
Hawthorne Threads

Hope you like these 2 collections.

Happy Shopping!

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