Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Shopping #3

This week I have taught 5 classes, at 4 locations, in 3 days!

That is 45 people starting their sewing journey in of my classes!

All this activity has led to a HUGE hole in my fabric stock...I mean huge!

So this week I had to go fabric shopping, otherwise we will all be sewing thin air next week!

First I visited the lovely M is for Make - one of my favourite online shops for gorgeous collections and superb costumer service. There was a fabulous email in the week about the sale section so I headed straight there and filled my basket with these goodies:

Blossom Festival
Floral in blue
Running Stitch in Purple
I also got this in Pink! So lovely!

Stitch Square in Red
I also got some Comma just because I LOVE THIS!

I did buy more, but these are my favourite ones. They will be perfect for my classes.

Visiting M is for Make again today and discovered even more great fabrics in the sale section.... just working out if I can afford to stock up on more!

I also wandered over to The Village Haberdashery to check out their sale section:

Beechwood Park Picnic in Green
Beechwood Park Sunkissed in Aqua
In the Forest - Flowers
I also got some lovely Kona Glacier so I can start Noah's quilt for his Birthday in November using this lovely collection I bought a little while a go. Just thinking about the design of the quilt, Noah wants triangles of some sort.....

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