Friday, 20 September 2013

Gloucestershire Modern Quilt Guild - Update

I am so relieved it is Friday...

It has been my first week of a full teaching schedule.

5 classes in 4 locations over 3 days = lots of driving, unpacking, repacking and planning!

And NO sewing for me : (

But the week did start with a high - The very first meeting of the New Gloucestershire Modern Quilt Guild!

It was a small, modest affair with 3 of use discussing fabric shops, quilts and plans for the future.

I firmly believe the saying that from little acorns grow mighty oaks! Starting out small is perfect.

Sonia (Fabric and Flowers), Alison (Making Happiness) and I had a lovely evening chatting about all things fabric whilst munching some lovely biscuits!

We each had some quilting to show and tell. I love seeing other peoples work and gaining inspiration from the ideas. Sharing skills and creating new friendships is what it is all about!

Next month we will meet on Thursday 24th at Prema Arts in Uley. Come along at 7.45pm for some fabric gossip, stitching and new friendships!

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