Saturday, 7 September 2013

Taking Photos

I come from a family filled with photographers.

In fact I am the only one who doesn't know what she is doing when she wields a camera!

My dad has a blog all about our families history and association with a camera going back to 1908.

My sister is amazing with a camera - check out her site.

So when I saw the new link up on Plum and June I was really excited - maybe I could finally get some tips on using my camera.

So far it has inspired me to start adjusting the setting on my camera and I might even try and find the book that came with the camera!

I played around with the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Not sure what they all do yet, but I have enjoyed seeing the changes in the photo outcomes!

None of these are processed, just straight from the camera.

I love the ability to influence the brightness of the photos using the changes in aperture and shutter speed. It was great fun to play around!

The fabrics are from the Koi collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale at M is for Make. They are really stunning!

Now I need to make a note of the settings I like and practice more!

I missed the link-up on Plum and June, hopefully I manage to get organised for next month.

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