Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Birthday Quilt

The last 12/13 weeks have been consumed by my City and Guilds course and work.

In fact I haven't done any sewing for fun for an age... it will be worth it when I submit my work on Friday (fingers crossed).

I then have 2 weeks to pull together a quilt for Midi who chose a wonderful bundle of fabrics from M is for Make way back in August.

After some discussion and looking through mummy books Midi has decided on a porthole quilt, but he isn't sure of the shapes yet.

I learnt this technique at Fat Quarterly Retreat with the fabulous Lu Summers in July. It is great fun and fast so I should be able to get the quilt top done pretty quickly...

Now comes the problem - his birthday is 2.5 weeks away... yup, a VERY tight deadline...

Oh well, I will get going at the weekend when I get 5 minutes peace!


  1. That'll make a lovely quilt - just make sure he picks easy shapes and not something like the Death Star or a transformer ;) x

  2. Good luck with the city and guilds. How about lego shaped portholes????