Sunday, 2 June 2013

Feeding an addiction!

I know, I am addict and I need to feed my addiction.... there are many worse things in the world to be addicted to than fabric!

Last week my bloggers bundle arrived from Fat Quarterly shop and it has some amazing fabrics. The bundle was put together by Angela Pingel who has a blog called Cut to Pieces.

Among bundle there are these wonderful glasses from Geekly Chic:

I love them! They are so cool!

This one from Urban Mod is really funky!

It is such an amazing bundle and one of the reasons I am part of the Bloggers Bundle Club, so many wonderful fabrics together in way I struggle to put together using just computer images.

Yesterday Brenda from Pink Castle Fabrics posted a picture of this bundle of fabrics:

Woodland Fun

They are so lovely..... I couldn't get them out of my head all day.... so I just had to buy them....

Addiction to fabric is a might fine thing you know!

On a another note, I am going to be taking part in the Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Hop 2013 over at Plum and June. I am really excited to be included!

Plum and June

There are going to be lots of lovely bloggers in the hop, so make sure you check them out whenever you see the badge above!

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  1. Oh wow, some lovely fabrics there, it's really difficult when you can't stop thinking about them- you've got it bad! ;o)