Friday, 21 June 2013

Going all blue!

Earlier this week I saw this amazing photo and blog post from Quarter Incher:

The colours and design are gorgeous!

Stephanie is taking part in the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop 2013 with me, and her blog is full of fabulous ideas, quilts and fabric!

Stephanie followed a tutorial written by Cori at  Let's Eat Grandpa - I love the title!

The tutorial is really easy to follow, but the effects are amazing!

I didn't follow the tutorial completely as I needed to make a blue version today and I don't actually have a lot of blue - a serious situation that clearly need rectifying! So I made the sections bigger, but followed the same basic method of quilt-as-you-go.

Plus I didn't quilt the patterned fabric as I wanted to differentiate between them and the solid colour!

So the first cushion cover the one of boy's teachers is nearly done... and yes I did throw in some Liberty Fabric!

Only 6 more to go!


  1. That looks incredible! Wow! I totally want to make one of these!

  2. Your version is amazing! I love the square block idea!

  3. Liking this very much - tempted to give it a go.