Wednesday, 12 June 2013

WiP Wednesday: Binding

This week has been a long one already - it's only Wednesday morning!

A combination of domestic jobs, planning and accounts has left me with little sewing time... plus I have made the decision to get my running shoes back out after 2.5 years of avoiding eye contact with them! It is a slow start of walking at the moment, but it is a start.

All of this eats into my 6 hours a day window (school hours are just not enough!)..

The major achievement of the week is finishing Maxi's curvy quilt!

I will do some close up photos once all the thread is sorted out and the binding finished..

Speaking of binding, I know loads of people hate it. It is a slow paced job at a point in the quilt when you are just desperate to get the quilt finished.

But I actually really enjoy it. It is incredibly satisfying sitting down the with quilt and finishing it off by hand. Being able to see the quilting up close, and the feel the weight of the quilt on my knee is very comforting - especially when I know it is for someone I love with all my heart... It feels like the best and only way to finish a quilt before it can leave for it's new home.

I have also managed to get started on my name tag swap for Fat Quarterly Retreat in the Summer:

I pulled out my secret stash and had a good rummage for some Liberty fabric, which was great fun, but slightly worrying that my secret stash is getting too big....

Not much progress, but great fun...back to paperwork and teaching today!


  1. I love binding too. I usually don't do JUST that, but I love working on it while I'm listening to a podcast or watching TV. It's a nice contrast to the rest of the quilting process, which at least for me requires my full attention.

  2. Time for some serious stashbusting then! Good luck with getting back into the running- even getting out regularly for a walk/run is good for the mental and physical health. Love that curvy quilt too. I'm going to have to try improv curves sometime soon!

  3. So is your "secret stash" ALL of your stash, or is it just the part you are hiding? :) My husband told me I could stash as long as I could fit it in one box. So, I agreed. And then I bought a bigger box. He hasn't said anything yet so I am okay I think.

    Your curvy quilt is lovely. I haven't seen anything quite like it yet! The "windows" in the curves are a great contrast to those long, curved lines.