Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Charity Bee!

Last year I discovered Stitched in Color and I have been hooked ever since!

I love her blog and the generous way she shares information, ideas and her plans.

I also discovered the do. Good Stitches charity bee which Rachel founded and co-ordinates. I thought the idea of using quilting to bring joy to those less fortunate than ourselves was/is a fabulous idea.

It took my until November to work up the nerve to apply for a place on the bee. There a huge waiting lists and the standard is so high.. I really worried I wasn't good enough.

Anyways I heard nothing for ages, but I expected that. The one day 3/4 weeks ago an email pinged through from Rachel saying she had checked out my application and would I apply to the bee as quilter as I clearly have the skills!

I actually did a little victory dance in my studio! So blinking excited!

As far I knew my application would be placed in a waiting list for a place in an established circle.... but a week later she announced country based quilting circles! Turns out I am a quilter for the first UK circle called  Together at do. Good Stitches! ME!

That means I get to design a block for other bee members and then once the blocks are back I quilt it.

We started this month with a wonderful block from out co-ordinator Fiona from Poppy Makes:

They are simple blocks that came together really easily. The finished quilt will go to Siblings Together for a teenage girl. Knowing the finished quilt will bring joy and comfort to someone is fab!

Next month I am the quilter, so I have to sort out a block design and wait for the bee to get the blocks back to me.... what to do????

So many exciting possibilities!

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