Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WIP 3rd April 2013

Today has been busy, but in a kinda not actually got much done kind of way!

The quote of the day comes from mini who has a friend over to sleep over:

'Your mummy hasn't put the shopping away yet!' (said in shocked tone)

Mini: 'Oh, she is too busy sewing to do that' (said in totally chilled out relaxed way, as if it a normal part of life)

This very wise little boy understands mummy's priorities!

Onto work on the table today...

I got my March block done for the Anything Goes Quilting Bee!  It is very pretty in pink!

I have been cutting out lots of equilateral triangles! And then throwing them on the design board....

And then just before collecting the boys I started work on anew project:

More on that tomorrow!

How has you Wednesday been so far?

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  2. That is a might fine project! I love the unilateral triangles.

    You have inspired me and I am WELL on track with my Crayon Quilt :D

    Love your blog!

    Lots of Love,


    1. Good! Thank you for the lovely comments x

  3. Love your triangles! I am playing with those too!

    1. Lots of people are playing with triangles, keep seeing them everywhere!

  4. Wow that pink star is fabulous! Love the triangles, I just finished an isosceles triangle quilt, but want to make an equilateral one too!

  5. Triangles are so cool! I love the star too!