Monday, 15 April 2013

Window shopping....

.... actually more like screen licking...

At the moment I am a total fabric shopping ban - rent comes first I guess...

But I have been liking the screen at some of the new stuff I have spotted popping up in my favourite shops. I just love torturing myself with newsletters from the shops concerned that make me hold my breath and swear!


This is Woodland Pine from Sarah Watson and is available at M is for Make. I seriously need the whole line in my hands. They are all just amazing!

I mean look at this Drops of Clay... yummy!

I keep seeing Shelburne Falls on peoples blogs and I have fallen in love!

Backstitch has this wonderful bundle that would be perfect in my stash....

I love Comma by Zen Chic, and this one in particular! The Village Haberdashery has a lovely selection.

At first glance it is a modest wish list, but  must add that I want all of Comma, all of the wonderful fabrics by Sarah Watson and all of Shelburne Falls..... not so modest really!


  1. I know how you feel about having to spend money on bills. living SO gets in the way!

    1. Totally! Not getting paid also hinders the whole fabric buying process!