Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WIP: Design

This week I have been slowly putting together the equilateral triangles for my lovely friends quilt:

I have spent 2 weeks cutting lots of triangles, but I there still aren't enough!

I plan on sewing a row a day in the hope that I will manage to fit the quilt into my busy schedule and get it finished for my friends holiday in May...

I have also been working on a new block design for the Bi-Monthly Block of the Month that is starting in July at Prema Arts Centre. This one was a tough one to put together and I don't know yet how to teach it...

It does look pretty groovy though!

Would love to see your work in progress this week!

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  1. Love triangle quilts! I made one in March and can't wait to make another one. Your other block reminds me of a spider web block, but a little different, it would be neat to see a whole quilt of it.

    1. This is my first and it is a fun process! The second block is fun, and yes I am thinking of pulling together a complete quilt!

  2. The triangles quilt is looking lovely. I really like the colors you chose. Your block looks great. I'd love to learn how you made it.

    1. Thank you! I am just trying to work out how to teach the block for my class in July.