Friday, 19 April 2013

Quilting the curves!

On Boxing Day 2012 I experimented with curves and made a more grown up quilt for my near 11 year old eldest monster. He had chosen fabrics with city scape's and we turned them into curvy buildings.

Please excuse the bad photo!

It was great fun and challenge that I had not tried before - plenty of starch was used!

It has been basted using some basting spray - my thoughts on that tomorrow - and sitting on my 'please quilt me pile' for a couple of months. He is now getting upset that work design/paperwork and my Swoon quilt have taken precedence over his lovely new quilt. So it was put onto my FAL Q2 list and I have decided to not leave to the last minute!

I had outlined one of the curvy towers and started to FMQ swirls and pebbles in co-ordinating thread, but I had not really thought beyond that block....

Today I have a little spare time between prep for a class tomorrow and housework so I have outlined the next curvy block with some Aurifil in a pale grey (2615) which goes well with the white and grey blocks.

I am thinking of only quilting details into the windows, but not sure!

The pieces above each curvy building block are going to be quilting with swirls and pebbles in co-ordinating thread, which means I have had to order some neon orange - I hope it matches!

I will be honest, beyond that I am not sure.... it is going to be an adventure!

What are working on? I would love to see!

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  1. What a great quilt! I would quilt some details into the windows.

    1. Thank you! I am quilting the windows densely and using a lighter meandering pattern around the windows.

  2. I think it's great you put everything else on hold for your boy! I made all of my kids a quilt for Christmas because here I was working on all of these quilts, while my kids were always fighting over blankets. So I made it a mission to make sure each had one. Now I have to make my husband one!! you son will treasure this;)

    1. I love making them for the boys. They treasure them and use them to build dens and play. They are so precious and become part of the children's memories.