Sunday, 26 January 2014

Book Review: 500 Quilt Blocks

Yesterday I taught a beginners patchwork workshop at the New Brewery Arts Centre in Cirencester.

I love teaching at the New Brewery Arts Centre, it is such an inspiring place with lots of lovely artist all in one place!

As always I was planning my session and knew I needed a demonstration piece to show the learners - nothing worse than not knowing where you are going on your learning journey! A sample of where everyone should be aiming is a great teaching tool and provide inspiration.

So sat in my studio watching the rain fall I was trying to think which block would suit beginners, include some cutting but not too much and be manageable in 6 hours...

This is where the wonderful book 500 Quilt Blocks by Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green comes in.

Image Courtesy of Lynne Goldsworthy

This fabulous book contains a huge amount of patchwork knowledge - don't be fooled by it's small size, it is jam packed with great blocks!

I love skimming the book and finding blocks that I would like to make, but as a teacher it takes a lot of the stress out of workshop planning because the measurements are all written clearly. It means I don't have to work all the maths out as well everything else a lesson plan needs. 

Image Courtesy of Lynne Goldsworthy

The book even has a few variations for each block - differentiation for my learners readily available!

Image Courtesy of Lynne Goldsworthy

The book also has some items to make with the blocks they have made.

Image Courtesy of Lynne Goldsworthy

This book is a fabulous addiction to any quilters bookshelf, but it is particularly useful for beginners starting on their patchwork wanting to explore different blocks.

You can of course get your copy from a certain International book selling website, but do considering visiting your fabulous Indie Bookshop to get your copy- you get a smile when you shop with them! I spend so much in my local shop, the Yellow Lighted Bookshop, I occasionally get a bacon bap and a mug of tea whilst browsing books!


  1. What a lovely review, thankyou! I love the teacher perspective too

  2. Hi Anna, I found your blog this morning. I am sure I met you in the Portholes class at FQR last year. I really love this book too. I'm going to follow you from now on :)

    1. Hello! I think we did meet! Lovely to be in touch x