Thursday, 30 January 2014


As you probably know my 'day' job is working for Adult Education in Gloucestershire delivering sewing classes to groups of vulnerable learners during the day and recreational learners in the evening.

Adult Ed. is funded by the Government so comes under the remit of the OFSTED...

That very word puts fear into teachers up and down the UK. They send in teams of Her Majesties Inspectors (HMI) to check that the standard of teaching is up to their guidelines - they check everyone one nurseries to Adult Ed...

They can have access to any class that is running and move in and out classes at will... they are pretty daunting! It is never great when a HMI is standing at your door! My heart sinks...

So yesterday evening there stood at my classroom door was a HMI. I had to be fair been warned that he might be coming, which is kinda worse because you have more time to worry!

He introduced himself and said he was staying 40 minutes to observe the class and my teaching... oh joy!

I started the class in my usual way. I have had been through 5/6 visits from HMI in my career teaching and Childminding. The best way to cope is to hand over your paperwork and get on with the job..... whilst trying to ignore their presence! (Kinda like the Silence from Dr Who - if you aren't looking directly at them you can ignore them!)

All was going to plan and everyone was chatting, working and I was teaching people different things as they completed the tasks...

After 20 minutes he said 'Anna can I have a word outside please. She might come back in crying everyone.'

20 Minutes??? 20 minutes??? oh **** what have a done wrong.... A small snip it  my thoughts as I wandered slowly towards the door. These guys hold your teaching career in their hands...

He started by asking me about who assesses my paperwork and then what grading I usually get... so I told him and said usually a 'good' with some elements of 'outstanding'... He kept me in suspense wondering if he was going to say that I should be graded 'needs improvement'.

Then he said "That is an outstanding lesson and you are clearly an outstanding tutor!!!"

I think I actually started breathing again at that point!

He went on to say I am good at tracking my learners achievements, I offer encouragement, I create a relaxed atmosphere and my learners are clearly making great progress, and enjoying themselves too! My paperwork is brilliant and I should be proud of my classes...

I almost fell over with relief!

So I can officially say I am an 'Outstanding' tutor and not be bragging too much - it is a fact!


  1. Congratulations Anna, well deserved.

  2. Phew you had me worried there! Fantastic!!

  3. Congratulations to you! He was unprofessional in my opinion though and should not have interrupted the class nor caused you unnecessary worry. He could have murmured "outstanding" and then just left. Their egos a re a little bit too big!

  4. Oh my goodness. I hate that feeling of being inspected and the moment before the feedback is received. But check you and your little outstanding self out!!!! Huzzah!!
    E xx