Sunday, 5 January 2014


Usually on a Sunday I highlight some of the lovely new fabrics that are around at the moment that I love. It is a fun post to put together, but it also helps my students who I see during the week - I am spreading my fabric addiction throughout Gloucestershire!

I am planning on getting back to the posts, but this today I wanted to share some of the amazing textiles artists that I have discovered on my City and Guild Journey.

The first is Anne Honeyman.

Anne's work is simply stunning! She uses soluble fabric to create amazing structures with that are delicate, yet complicated. I have played around with soluble fabric and it is great fun. I am full of admiration of Anne and her ability to create stunning textiles with it.

The second artist is Alison Holt.

Alison is an amazing artist who creates pieces that look like photos. You could almost reach out and touch the crashing waves above! Her ability to create perspective and texture with thread is stunning. She is teaching in Gloucester in October and yes I have booked onto the 3 day course!

I hope you enjoy exploring their work as much as I have done.

They are so inspiring!

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