Friday, 24 May 2013

MIQ - Missing in Quilting!

I have been a bit MIQ this week.

A combination of teaching, Scouting and interview has left me very little time to stop!

Even today I trying to prepare for a class I am teaching for the first time tomorrow - How to make an Oilcloth Tote bag.

In the mist of literally running around the county to various classes I have been worry about something...

I don't achieve enough...

I have never seen myself as a perfectionist - my house is a tip most days, I don't wear make-up and I am  pretty relaxed about most things, so I have never seen myself as a perfectionist.

Recently I have been watching my middle son struggle with being a perfectionist and wondering where that comes from... I think I now know!

It is interesting when you realise something about yourself and it helps you to connect the dots of your life!

I am a perfectionist in the sense that I never think that what I have done is enough. There is always space to be much better, do to more...

After talking to my lovely coach Gail Gibson we have worked out a plan to help me sort through the mess of ideas, plans and thoughts. Now to get it rolling....

On a quilting note, I have been working on the first quilt for my boys school library.

I have started using a pattern that I learnt with my Craftsy ClassFree Motion Quilting VOL 2 with Leah Day. It is called Cat Hair Ball filler. It looks like a child has been scribbling over the quilt. I am also quilting words into the quilt design that are book and school related.

It is the first of 2 quilts for the school!


  1. Don't achieve enough??? Anna, I always marvel at just how much you do, I'm sure there's more hours in your days!

    1. Not really... could do with a few more though!