Thursday, 2 May 2013

Together do. Good Stitches - May

I am so excited to be the second quilter on the list for the new charity bee Together do. Good Stitches.

Last month was so much fun.

We are going to be making a block for Siblings Together again, but this time it is going to be a quilt for a teenage boy. As a mum to 3 boys, I am conscious of the lack of quilts out there for the boys, especially older boys, so I am keen to make something for this age group. For colours think blues, greys and whites, maybe a bit of colour with yellows.

Now for the block, or rather triangle!

The block starts with a right angle triangle - of any size - that is then added to like a Court House Steps Block. The widths of the strips can be varied until the sides that are perpendicular measure at least 12.5".

So start with a perpendicular triangle:

Sew a strip onto one of the straight sides and press the seam outwards. Make sure you use a strip that is longer than the side.

Trim the excess off the triangle:

Keep adding another 2 sides until the triangle is complete:

Keep adding strips:

Once the triangle measures over 12.5" on the perpendicular sides you are done!

Don't worry about getting the block side perfectly 12.5", just as long as they are over - I will sort them out when I have them all in. 2 blocks from everyone would be great to get a good sized quilt!

Here is my other one:

Hope you enjoy it!

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