Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Not on the plan...

You know how it goes.

You write a plan for the week of things you need to get done.

I put a star next to the important high priority things...

Written in my red book that I carry everywhere to jot down notes and ideas. This is a lovely neat page..

Then you start to wonder how it would work if you pieced 2 rectangles in the way you piece HST... you start to think about it a lot...

Next thing you know, you are pulling fabric from the stash..

They are quite subtle. Pinks, baby blues and white.

Next thing you know a block has developed:

It is incredibly girlie, but you still keep going:

And then there were 4.

Need another 5 to make a complete patchwork top...

See what I mean?

Totally wandered off plan and ended up with some gorgeous blocks for the summer!

At least I am showing some continuity with my obsession with triangles!

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  1. These look like perfect little girl umbrellas. I'd be so tempted to lay them in a line and try to quilt little raindrops from the sky through the negative space (it's beyond my abilities, but I've definitely seen a quilted raindrop.)
    Great blocks, shame about your to do list though :-)
    E xx

    1. Thanks for the ideas! I have pieced them next to each other and one of the girls in my sewing class is desperate to own it!

  2. Me and half rectangle triangles don't get on! Well done to you for actually enjoying making them!

    1. I love them! So versatile and fun!

  3. I get it! Umbrellas! Cute!

  4. Very cute. Plan for the week? I take it day by day. :)

    1. Sounds like a more sensible plan!