Sunday, 12 May 2013

State Side Shopping

When I bought the fabric from Angie's Quilts for my first Tova - which I love by the way - I also bought some yardage from a shop in the States that I hadn't heard of before, Hawthorne Threads.

I had seen the name in a blog post I had been reading and obviously being a fabric addict I had to investigate!

I was not disappointed!

They have masses of fabric, I mean every collection under the sun and then some more!

I spent ages just scrolling through all of the pages, trying to decide if I could afford to shop...

Then I clicked on the sale section ....... OMG, I think I actually gasped!

It is packed full of gorgeous fabric at amazing prices. Plus they had a whole load of Tula Pink's Prince Charming which I wanted to back my bee quilt when I finish the missing block:

I have searched high and low for enough to back the quilt, so finding enough to do it meant I just had to shop...

I knew I wanted more Tovas so I started looking for other fabrics and I decided on these 2:

Graphic Mums by Heather Bailey

Birdy by Tanya Whelan
 In all I ordered 10 yards, enough for a shirt, dress and quilt back. It worked out at $9.2 a yard which is £5.99 a yard, including postage. Just can't beat that for top rate cotton from the best in design....

My wonderful bundle arrived on Friday and was actually opened whilst chatting to the lovely postie, and the birdy fabric has already been transformed into a shirt that was worn all day Saturday!

GO and check out Hawthorne Threads, they are simply awesome!


  1. I've had 2 big orders from Hawthorne threads. When I was desperate for timber and leaf and field study and most other places were sold out they came to the rescue and at a fantastic price too!

    1. They are great. Next time I need quilt backs I am going there!

  2. I got some really good price Heaven and Helsinki from there, I would definitely shop there again.

    1. They have such a huge selection! Love it!

  3. I love Hawthorne Threads and I just can't believe how quickly you whipped up that shirt!!! :)