Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WiP: Working Away from Home!

Today I am doing a favour for a friend and looking after her daughter whilst she works.

I packed a few essential jobs into the car and I am now sat in the gorgeous house with her lovely daughter R.

R asked to look at the sewing machine I bought with me... she has now stolen the machine and is sat happily playing with different stitches and settings! I jokingly suggest we shoot back to mine so I can grab another machine and she whole heartedly agreed as she has no plans to get off the machine that she is using!

When I get a chance I am going to keep working on a block design I am trying to get the sizing right on. Made one too big, hoping I have got the dimensions right this time. Can't show you more until later in the year though!

I also pulled maxi's quilt out of the pile of UFO's to work on. Hoping Get some more done today...

I also have 4 pairs of trousers to turn into little boys shorts. This is assuming summer arrives this year and the boys actually want to wear shorts to school!

All of this depends on R letting me near the sewing machine of course!

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday and get lots of WIP's done.

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  1. Looks like another budding quilter, perhaps she will ask for her own machine now, wouldn't that be fun? Thanks for the fun post that put a smile on my face!

    1. We have had a fun morning together cutting out squares and sewing them together! Our machines are set up side by side so I can monitor her progress!

  2. lol that is great that she wants to learn. Perfect age to do so too.

    I just hemmed up 2 pairs of pj pants for my little guy the other day. Such a quick satisfying job and presto you have new clothes!

    1. We had a lovely day together. It is fun doing quick clothes alterations, love seeing mini running around in the shorts I made.