Saturday, 30 March 2013

Build a Stash!

On Thursday when I started work on an equilateral triangle quilt for my gorgeous friend Helen, I realised just how much I love my stash!

It also got me thinking about when I made quilts in the past. I used to only buy fabric for a project, focus on that project for a while and then start another one part way through...

The having more than one quilt on the go at once is still part of my process, but I now have a stash too...

But why the change?

Well, part of it is having fabrics my learners can access when they don't have any themselves. I need a variety of fabrics because my tastes don't appeal to everyone. Quite simply I need choice.

I also have discovered in the last few months that having a larger stash means I can pull from it to create a piece of work that has varying colours and textures. My work no longer conforms to a  strict set of rules - self imposed rules, but rules none the less!

It feels like a growing process as a quilter.

So if you are starting out how do you start to build?

You have to accept that your bank balance is going to suffer a bit - that is the first step!

But there are great ways to build a stash and pull in fabrics you might not be drawn to, but could become part of an amazing quilt.

I love my monthly subscription to Fat Quarter Shop Bloggers Bundle. This collection each month of 14 FQ is not always fabrics I even like, but I know someone will and actually they have been used to great effect in quilt tops...

They have a designers bundles as well, which is great if you want to collect lines of fabric, I prefer the variety of the bloggers bundles though.

Pink Castle Fabrics is another of my favourite shops and they have a Stash Stack Club, which I have not signed up for at the moment. I like the idea though as it is fabrics from different lines, but that have the same colour/tone.

Money just won't stretch that far at the moment, but soon!

Both of these shops are States side which can make the postage off putting, but it still works out cost effective (just) and if you have a friend willing to share the postage on a club then it is definitely worth it!

In the UK there is the Sew Solids Crew at Simply Solids, which will boost those all important solids that you need in your stash!

I love that Justine is working through the colour spectrum so over the course of year I will have a range of solids from each colour. I am a huge hoarder of Kona Solids as you know so I have the 6 half metres each month and it building into a fabulous collection that I can grab and pull out!

I will keep building my stash - I have discovered the joy of pulling fabrics together for a new project and I am not letting go of that excitement!

Would love to see your stash if you want to share it!

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  1. The pink castle one is also colour wheel based. I love geting my monthly delivery of prints. I'm yet to cut into them (I have so many WIPs already) but they stare at me just begging to be used. And as you said, some of them may not be what I would have picked for myself, but when I have them in my hand I really like them and I can see myself using them for projects.
    E xx