Saturday, 2 March 2013

Secret Sewing!

In the past week I have been majorly distracted by a project that I started so late it is almost funny!

I can now share the project as it has been received and liked!

Today is a major birthday for one of my closest friends. She is an amazingly special person who I met when I was 16 and who has helped me through more scraps, heart ache and icky situations than anyone else in my life.

Hilary was my mums best friend and is a link to her. She took me in when I needed a place to run to whilst my mum was ill. She held me up during the last years of my mums life and she held my 3 babies and told them my mum loved them.

She is my boys honorary grandma and my boys call her gorgeous girls their older sisters. She answers my calls anytime and listens. She laughs with me and gives the best hugs in the world.

My world without her would be empty.

Sometimes we don't speak for weeks, but I know she is always there and will fight my corner when I need her to.

So with her big birthday coming I knew I wanted to make her a quilt, but what?

Just before Christmas when I delivered the Tula Pink Snow Ball quilt to her eldest daughter she requested a heart quilt. She has finally met the most amazing man, who treats her the way she should be treated and they are perfect together.

I didn't want the project to be too soppy, but a heart seemed like a good idea.

When I saw the pixelated heart on Blue Elephant Stitches, I know it was perfect. But it had to be big enough for the pair of them to cuddle under...

So I pulled all the turquoise from my stash along with creams last Friday morning and set about cutting and piecing the front...

The design needs 225 squares and I cut mine 5".

The front took most of day, but I was so pleased with it when I checked it out on Saturday morning - sometimes you need space to work it out!

All of the colours are so calming and Hilary's favourties, so I knew I was on the right track!

The backing was more of an issue. I had raided all my calm turquoise, which meant the stash was looking pretty thin and I can't afford to buy more fabric, never mind wait for the deliver...

So I hit the pile of grey and built a backing from the FQ in that pile, along with some Kona Solids:

It is such a lush backing!

When it came to quilting I knew I wanted to keep it soft and gentle, so I opted to hand quilt it with Perle Cotton and just quilted it sparsely:

Over all I am pretty chuffed with it! I bound it with some lovely grey fabric from the Simply Color range and sent it off with everything crosses that she would like it...

Luckily she did!

Not the best photo I know, but this was Thursday and time was tight to get it to her by today...

I hope it gives her years of joy and they enjoying cuddling under it together!

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