Thursday, 28 February 2013

New Bimonthly Block Course!

Yesterday I had a meeting at Prema Arts to discuss the schedule for next term.

We agreed lots of fun and interesting courses for quilters, which I am looking forward to planning!

One of the courses is a Bimonthly Block Club. Once every 2 months the group will meet for a day to learn how to make 2 new blocks, which over the course of the year will make a quilt top.

Or people can come to one session and make just 2 blocks to turn into cushion covers.

I am on a tight deadline to get an image of a block back for the brochure for the season so I have made the first 2 blocks in the series. I thought you might like a sneak peek...

Over the course of the day we will be making a block that is easily pieced, but allows you to practice cutting skills. This first block is perfect for practice!!

Then in the afternoon we will tackle something to stretch your skills!

I am calling this block Bow Ties and Diamonds. It is a gorgeous block that will stretch cutting, piecing and ironing skills to the max!

They are looking really good!

Each block measures 20.5" so are a good size for a floor cushion. 

The first class will be in July and I am looking forward to putting together the next 10 blocks in the next week or so.

I love the fabric too. It is Katherine's Wheel by Nel Whatmore. I bought it last year at FOQ, but I have been hoarding it. Now I feel like it has found it's home!

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