Monday, 4 February 2013

February's Goals

January has been and gone.... yay!

We are edging closer to Spring!

So the goals for February...


The biggest goal is to only use fabrics from the stash.. I was looking through everything the other day whilst tidying the room - I bought loads of Really Useful Boxes and they are really useful!

But it meant I had to confront the extent of the fabric I have hoarded! I mean bags from scraps from quilts finished 5 years ago. And they aren't even little scraps, think layer cake size scraps...

So goal is to not buy any more fabric, but to use up what I have making quilt tops and trying new patterns.

But since this is the 4 February, the small purchase I made from Eclectic Maker on Friday of this Salt Water Bundle doesn't count right?

Salt Water 
They might sell out before the end of the month and it is my birthday this month......

God, I am a hopeless case!


I got this amazing book from the fabulous friends at The Yellow Lighted Bookshop on Friday.

It looks like an amazing book and the reviews online are really good.

So having read about the origins of colour in January, I plan to start learning about palettes in February. Learn why colour combinations work....


I have a quilt design that is floating in my head. I want to get it out of my head and into motion... So design is top of the agenda too.

Can't say too much, but it will come out soon....

What are your plans for February?

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  1. Hello -- I found you via the Monday Link Up and yoru comment about Jane Austen.....your new fabric bundle is very appealing. I'll need to look up the book (via interlibrary loan).

  2. Replies
    1. It is! Hoping to have time this week to read it properly - sick children get in the way of reading time!