Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Reading 10 Feb

Last week manic and I am glad it is over!

Saturday was my second quilt in a day workshop at Prema Arts in Uley.

I had 6 lovely ladies, each with different ideas, quilts and patterns!

A whole day of working through questions and the learners trying out new ideas!

So I am hoping for a well earned break today and some blog reading!

This week it's all about meeting three lovely gentlemen who quilt and sew!

Male Pattern Boldness is Peter Lappin's blog all about things sewing! Peter loves vintage sewing patterns and shares his collections on his blog as well as sewing tips and sew alongs. I love the idea of the Men's boxers sew along he held in 2011!

Go check it out for vintage yumminess!

Piece and Press is the blog of quilter Dan R. I just love his latest blog post about his Geese Trail pattern:

I mean, how amazing and gorgeous is it?

Dan is an amazing quilter and his photos are really inspiring. Lovely reading for a Sunday morning!

Finally for today, we are visiting the blog of fabulous quilter John Adams.

John is part of the team behind Fat Quarterly and is an another amazing quilter. I love his blog because is is full of ideas, quilts and glimpses into John's life.

So go grab your mug of coffee and get reading - they are wonderful blogs full of inspiration!

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  1. Many thanks Anna. I already knew of John but always enjoy a new blog or teo