Friday, 1 February 2013

Been Shopping...

I know it's early, but I wanted to share a fabulous sale on this weekend!

I have 2/3 quilts that need backing, the tops are done or very nearly done and I want to be able to back them in pretty fabric!

The problem is cash flow... backing quilts in pretty fabric is an expensive prospect - it takes lots of yardage and fabric is pricey!

The solution presented itself yesterday when the lovely Brenda from Pink Castle Fabrics tweeted about her moving sale!

Yes I know she is in the States, you can check out my thoughts on shopping from the US here.

But her sale section is fan-bloody-tastic, lots of amazing fabrics and designs for a fraction of the price and with her discount code MOVING15 you are laughing! A whole 15% off and she is keeping her shipping rates down for international customers if you spend over $50...

The numbers are all very nice, but what does it actually mean?

Well, I have just bought 9 yards of fabric for the grand sum of £44 including postage...

Wind in Hemisphere

4 yards of this to back an Amy Butler Hexagon quilt that I have had in my WIP pile for 2 years... Love the swirls and at $3.50 a half yard the perfect price!

Also I got 2.5 yards each of these:

Garden Posies in Cornflower
Swirly Posies in Cornflower
I loved these the last time I visited buying yardage to back Swoon, and I am so pleased I managed to get some! They are so bright and cheerful, they will make perfect backings!

So I now have the backings for my 2/3 quilts and at a very good price!

Go check out Pink Castle Fabrics, there are oodles of gorgeous fabrics and missing a fabric sale when you are a quilter is a letting down all quilters.... I tell you it is....

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