Saturday, 9 February 2013


Yesterday I was looking through my stash of fat quarters and I have loads of lovely pink, blues, greys and greens...

But I have only a small hand full of yellow...

So I have been window shopping, since I am on a shopping ban this month!

Comma Swinging Mustard

I have seen this line around on blogs and it is lovely. I love the geometric design on the line. The Village Haberdashery are getting some in soon.

I love this gorgeous print from Kaffe Fassett:

Violets in Yellow

The Eclectic Maker have some lovely yellows from Kaffe Fassett. His designs are so vibrant and full of colour!

Sketch fabric in Yellow

I have some Sketch in my stash, but no yellow. This one from Backstitch is lovely. I have been using Sketch in my Swoon and they are fabulous with prints!

Typography in Yellow

I love this range by Julia Rothman - I am hoping M is for Make has a bundle left at the end of the month!

4 very different yellows, but I am sure I can find a home for them in my stash!

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