Friday, 22 February 2013

Small Town Living

I have been a wandering in my life, wandering between towns and cities every few years.

My three boys were born in 3 different parts of the country - Portsmouth, Warwick and Gloucester!

But when I saw Tetbury I knew I was home. It is a really pretty Cotswold town, steeped in history and full of antique shops.

When we first moved in, some people knew where we had moved into and told me all about my house... That was creepy first! In cities people don't know their neighbour, never mind the family down the road!

Once I had got over that initial introduction into small town living I discovered I loved it!

After my marriage fell apart I did think about moving back to Staffordshire to be close to a lovely friend, but I felt I was home here so we stayed. Now we are part of the fabric of the community. The boys are all in the local primary school and I am the leader of Cubs and Beavers in town.

I am pretty sure I known as the mad lady who quilts... When I made bags I was the mad bag lady!

For me the best bit of being part of a small community is how helpful and supportive people are. We have amazing friends and if I ever need help I know someone will help me.

I also love the fact my postie is one of 2 guys, both know my fabric addictions is really quite serious!

This morning one of them appeared at the door at 7.30 am and said he was on special deliveries, but he had seen my Blogger Choice bundle from Fat Quarter shop and thought I would like to get it early!

He had dug out of my usual post and driven round on his route to drop it off!

I just love my postie!

You don't get that kind of service in a city!

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