Saturday, 16 February 2013


This last week has been birthday week!

First mine and then mini who was 5 yesterday and we spent the day at a play centre - manic craziness in a steel roofed building! This morning is is birthday party. I always go small on birthdays.

It is one present from each of the family and 5/6 children round for a party. The presents are always much longed for gifts that don't cost the earth, but I know they will play with. So mini got an amazing police and robbers Lego kit that he really wanted. Now is it is cops and robbers in our house!

Before I have to ice the cupcakes and tidy the living room - I know it is a futile effort, bit they can't do musical statues on a floor covered in Lego - I thought I would go window shopping for purples!

For some reason I have very little purple... I don't know why, and at my classes they are used up if I do happen to have some. So here are some purples from the UK shops I love:

Crosshatch in Plum
This Crosshatch is from the Architextures range at M is for Make. I absolutely adore this, I love lots of the range, but this design is lush!

Pearl Bracelets in Grape Jelly
A completely different shade of purple from The Village Haberdashery, but just as lush! The pearl bracelets look like an amazing collection and I love the colours, but I am definitely drawn to this purple which is really unusual for me!

Turn of Events - Plum
This flowers call to me - they are just flo.ating! They are from Backstitch and the Innocent Crush collection by Anne Marie Horner. Purple but with depth!

Floating Mums in Purple

Another floral fabric, but I do love those big flowers! This is from The Eclectic Maker and again is so full of depth. It is by Philip Jacobs and is yummy!

Co-ordinates Midnight

This one is from the wonderful selection at Saints and Pinners. It is another Anne Marie Horner design, and I love the arrows within furry circles....

So more window shopping! Hope you like them!

I have to go and tidy away a ton of Lego....

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