Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Reading - 03 February

It's finally Sunday, the day of pj's, movies, housework and ironing...

OR Rugby in the freezing cold with a bunch of dads on the side lines....

This morning I am spending another 2 hours in the cold, having spent 2 hours in the cold watching Gloucester losing yesterday. The only bonus then was my lovely best friend came and we gossiped through most of the match whilst the boys are junk food and shouted at the rugby players!

So whilst I am freezing on the touchline, grab yourself a coffee and check out these lovely blogs!

First is a new discovery, Sew Quine. It is a lovely blog with lots of sewing, fabric and yumminess! Her photos are amazing and the blog is a lovely read, with lots of fabulous info.

What more does a girl need on a Sunday morning?

Next is making rebecca lynne

This a blog packed full of things to discover. It is perfect for catching up on whilst avoiding housework! Not that I have ever done that, of course.... go have a look!

Last for this week is better off thread.

I love this blog and all the yummy things Janice shares! There are so many yummy photos and inspiration!

So think of me, freezing and watching rugby - again.....whilst you are warm and cosy...


  1. So what happened to Gloucester yesterday?? Losing to Bath!!
    I didn't have a ticket so I watched the Six Nations instead!
    I remember Sundays on the touchline - freezing cold but great company! My sons are grown and away at uni now but I still enjoy watching them play when they come home!!

    1. We never made it to practice! All 3 of us were ill with temperatures. Gloucester just got walked all over!

  2. aww how lovely, thanks Anna for the mention :)

    1. You are very welcome, I love your blog.