Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Strictly Solids

As you may know I started a quilting bee last year - The Anything Goes Quilting Bee.

My bee block design from September

We are happily working through our blocks, which has been great fun!

Recently I thought about a solids only bee... it would really be fun to have only solids used in a quilt.

So I had a look around I couldn't find one, so I have decided to start my own!

Quilt idea from Robert Kaufman

It is called the Strictly Solids Quilting Bee. The title kinda gives it away!

We will be starting in April, so plenty of time to think about fabrics, colours and blocks!

If you fancy joining me, please email me!


  1. What a shame the Simply Solids Bee only started very recently with ten groups from around the world. http://www.flickr.com/groups/simplysolids/

    1. I know, I missed it... never mind! I have 4 people interested already!