Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Finishes

January seems to have gone by in a flash.... how come we are already in February?

Time to look back at the photos and the things I have managed to sew...

5 Swoon blocks 
 Swoon blocks take a lot of concentration to get them right! This might be my favourite - until the next one!

Quilt in a Day
Demonstration quilt for my quilt in a day course. Love this quilt!

Scrappy Trip Along
Finished a small scrappy trip along... it left it hanging on the washing line so I could watch it all afternoon, and I still don't like it!

Maxi's quilt
Truly terrible photo, but my living room floor is currently COVERED in Lego so I have no space to lay it down! I love this quilt! The curves are yummy and colours are so bright. patterned fabric is Velocity by Jessica Hogarth - perfect for my maxi monster who is growing everyday!

Not so much finish, as got mid way this month.... still something is better than nothing right????

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  1. Wow I love everything! Maxis quilt is inspiring...I want to see a curved quilt for my nephew but am clearly afraid as I haven't buckled down to do it! How did you approach it Anna?

    1. Thanks! The curves are actually really easy to do. Just working through writing a tutorial for the blog.

  2. a very good start to the year I'd say! You're ahead of me on the Swoon front, only finished one measly block in January. I've not progressed my scrappytripalong as I'm not sure I'll like it when it's done.

    1. One block is better than no blocks! I had hope to get 6 done, but the 6th is half done! Scrappy is happily waiting for the backing to arrive!

  3. I saw that you weren't happy with the scrappy trip quilt, and I am trying to figure out why. At first I liked it just fine, but then I realized that you are right. It has a problem. Not sure what it is or what would have fixed it..

    I agree that the improvisational pieced quilt is something special.

    1. There is something off balance about it.... it will go to a lovely home and will hopefully be loved!