Friday, 8 February 2013


This has been a long week!

4 days with sick children home and constantly feeling like I am chasing my tail with planning, projects and housework - to be fair housework takes a back seat every day!

So I am spending today trying to get ready for an all day workshop tomorrow, finishing blocks and prep...

Just as a sneak peak at the prep work, here are 3 blocks in progress to demonstrate colour and it's importance in quilt design.

This colour way is neon.
The block is by John Q. Adams and is called Bowties and Blooms from the Fat Quarterly book Shape Workshop for Quilters. it is fun and easy to put together!

Same block but now in one colour line - greens. It changes things doesn't it?

(Plus I just realised I have put the bow ties in wrong!)

Same colour line, but arranged differently. Again it changes the block!

These are part of the quilting course I am designing, and I will share more with you when I have made more progress and had enough sleep!

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