Thursday, 31 January 2013

January's Goals

At the start of the month I set myself some goals... they are part of my plan to keep better track of what I want to achieve with work and my blog.

The goals I set myself were:

  • To make more comments on other bloggers blogs
  • To learn more about colour.
  • To take better photographs.

So how has it gone?

Well, pretty well I think!


I have started making more comments on blogs, in fact I have discovered some amazing blogs that I now try to check in with everyday. I featured some of them last Sunday, and I will show you some more on Sunday as part of the Sunday Reading blog post series.

By commenting, you feel as if you are making connections in our little community of quilters, supporting each other and encouraging others. So I pretty pleased with making that commitment, and sticking to it!!


Well, I have been reading Victoria Alexander's book and it has been fascinating learning about the meanings of colours in different parts of the world and how they affect people. I am keen to learn more and actually put it into practice in my quilts... but time, tight deadlines and sick children has meant I haven't been able to...

So I think this one will tip into next month, but with a narrow range of goals - why set yourself up to fail?


I have been following the advice I have picked up from various blogs. I have started switching off all lights and using only natural light. I have experimented with using a white background and even taken photos out in the snow - quite a lot of glare!

Overall I think my photos have improved, and resisting using my phone to take photos has helped too! It's all too easy to load photos from there onto here... but they just aren't the same quality!

What about your goals?

How are they going?

I would love to know!


  1. Hi Anna, Love your goals - and enjoy reading about your new adventures into quilting. I share some these -- but a long, too long ago. My own goals are lofty and exciting, for I want to share my belief that we are all artists, and by going back to the basics at anytime can inspire us over and over again. Hope you check out my blog -- -- I'll be watching and reading yours! ~Rose

    1. Hi Rose! I have been quilting for 17 years, although it feels like a lot longer! I agree, we are all artists, it just finding your outlet for that creative spirit. I will be over to check out later.

  2. I share your goal of taking better photos. We have very poor natural light here for lots of the winter and its a real struggle to get good indoor pictures. And I'll be checking out your colour book. Good luck with your goals in February :)

  3. I know, it is really hard! But practice makes perfect right????

  4. Thank you for posting! We re-posted your blog on our facebook fan page to inspire others.