Thursday, 3 January 2013

Using Colour Palettes

As you know Santa bought me a few books for Christmas, a mixture of crafts for me to try out!

One of the books is Color, Block and Quilt, which also came with a workbook. The book by Emily Cier is an explanation of colour and using palettes to plan your quilts.

There are some amazing quilt designs and ideas in the book that you can following and plan using the workbook.

The books have got me thinking about colours in a way that I haven't before. I tend to design quilts by colour and the way the fabrics make me feel, it is gut instinct led. These books have made think more about design palettes and their use in designs... it has also made me think about making quilts with just solid colour.

I was lucky enough to wake up to a voucher from one of students for the Village Haberdashery, a fabulous shop in London. It took me all of 30 seconds to decide that I wanted to invest the voucher in Kona solids so I could start playing with some of the colour palettes in the book.

I am still waiting for the postie to deliver my goodies, fingers crossed they will arrive today.... I am itching to put together a quilt of solids and working with colour in a new way!

How do you decide on the colours you will use in a quilt design?

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