Friday, 4 January 2013


Yesterday bundle of Kona Solids arrived from The Village Haberdashery.

It is a serious mix of greens, cerise and white. When I say serious mix of greens I mean 7 shades of green!

Some of them are here:

Kona Solids Sage

Kona Solids Jade Green

Kona Solids Emerald

As you can see they are close in colour value. When my bundle arrived all of the greens were labelled so I knew which one was which...

The last time ordered a huge bundle of oranges and yellows from Simply Solids, Justine had labelled them and in my haste to wash the fabric (yes, I am wash before cut quilter) I had ripped the labels off and the got confused later as to which was which!

So I have pile of solids that I have to match to the colour chart every time I want to use/order more colour... not very sensible!

As I was getting the ready to wash my new batch of greens when I had a brain wave - what if I took a square of the colour and put the label on that?

Then I could take all my squares and out them on a notice board to show the colours I have/ have used and be able to organise myself much quicker!

So I took those greens and cut the swatches and attached the label, then I got my precious Kona Solids Colour Chart and started working through all my other solids:

I find matching quite hard because the glue has changed the hue slightly, so I also went through my receipts so I had a starting point for each colour.. yes I have that many!

After working through a few of them I started putting them on the board:
They aren't in colour order yet, more a of a pulled this out order...
But when I get them all ordered and named I will have swatches big enough to match to the pattern fabrics I use and be able to order more accurately from the web, it will take the guess work out of colour matching...
Sometimes I get a good idea....



  1. Lovely fabrics and that's a great idea for colour coding. I've had some nasty shocks with internet fabric ordering!

    1. Tell me about it, although it has got much better. Just needed a way to put the solids into the palettes and match to patterned fabric I buy.