Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Day!

It looks like today will be a snow day for the boys... They are bouncing on the sofa watching the snow fall and arguing about how to build snow men.... going to be a long day!

I have one private lesson this morning, so they can play out in the snow!

Snow shuts Tetbury down. We are on a hill, so to get anywhere you have to drive down. Snow tends to put a stop to that.

Before I have managed to drive out and get to Gloucester to find no snow! I was stood explaining I am late because I had to get 4 inches of snow off the car and they thought I was crazy!

Anyway, snow days are prefect for surfing fabric shops and dreaming of fabric purchases!

I thought I would use the snow as inspiration for the surfing today...

This Cross Hatch in grey is from The Village Haberdashery. Looking out of the window this morning, the snow falling looks like this! I am slowly falling in love with the Architextures range...

I love the Parsons Grey range, and this Coral Reef in Grey from Eclectic Maker reminds of snow storms. Its all wavy and lovely!

I know snow isn't blue, this Moon Phase from Lizzy House is so fresh looking and reminds me of  that first look out of the window in the morning and seeing the snow in the first light! Backstitch have loads of lovely Constellation fabrics in!

This is the ultimate snow falling design! From the wonderful M is for Make it is called Confetti Dot in Stone and is perfect!

I hope you all stay safe in the snow and enjoy building snow men!


  1. Lovely snowy fabric choices, I'm going to have to add a couple of those to my ever expanding wish list! Sarah x

    1. They are lush! The Constellations fabric is calling me....