Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I Don't do Dishes

Last week I was doing my usual blog hop when I came across a blog talking about a new sponsor.

It was a shop called i don't do dishes:

I Don't Do Dishes

I don't know about you, but this statement fits my life completely - in fact we could extend to housework, ironing... So of course I had to follow the link through to the Etsy shop run by the lovely Caitlin.

There I found a treasure trove of wonderful fabrics at amazing prices, even the shipping to the UK is good.

I have been hankering after Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry. The colours and designs are so fabulous it is hard to resist!

So when I saw Caitlin's fabulous shop with this lovely bundle at a fabulous price I just had to... the bank manager will agree right???

Yesterday, 9 days after I ordered it, my lovely bundle arrived. The fabrics are simply gorgeous!

I know the shop in the States, but don't let that put you off having a look - here is my by guide to buying from the States. Caitlin has a wonderful shop and a great blog as well... go shop!

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