Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Starting 2013 with a Swoon!

Happy New Year!

We made it through the night with minimal fights and lots of cuddles... admittedly I feel asleep full of cold on the sofa at 8pm and only woke for 5 minutes at 9pm to put 2 monsters to bed!!!!

My New Years Eve these days are pretty (read very quiet)... involving movie, snacks and bed!

Over the last week I have made a cushion cover and started work on maxi's Velocity quilt - the top is smaller than the bottom at the moment....

But my favourite project has been starting my Swoon quilt. I have seen this quilt all over bloggers sites over the last year, but not really found fabric I wanted to use in it until my Floressence bundle arrived!

Image from thimble blossoms

So I bought the pattern from thimble blossoms and set to work a couple of days ago!

The pattern needs 18 FQ so I mixed the Floressence with some solids and Sketch:

The blocks are big and quite complicated, so there is LOTS of cutting out:
And the cutting has to be really accurate, but the instructions are brilliantly clear!
I think you will agree the finished block is worth all the hard work:
The next block is all cut and ready to go...
Just got to occupy the monsters for long enough so I can make it...
I am taking part in the Fresh Sewing Day blog hop from Lily's Quilts, so go visit her to find other fabulous blogs taking part!

Lily's Quilts


  1. Oooh, I have ordered some Floressence and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I think its a great choice for a Swoon quilt - yours will look lovely I'm sure!

  2. It is such a lovely collection! Just heading back to finish the second block!

  3. I was surprised too at all the cutting but I also loved the end result! I haven't made a full quilt of them yet - just added a block to another project but I think I might do a whole one in 2013! Yours is looking great!

    1. The cutting is mammoth, but once you get in the swing of piecing it comes together really quickly!

  4. This block is looking great! Your Swoon quilt is going to be stunning in these fabrics :)

    1. Thank you! Just trying to find the time to make more...

  5. Your block looks great! Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

    Lisa@Sew Blue

    1. Thank you! I love the Floressence fabric and the blocks are gorgeous!