Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Support your Local Shop

This week on a lot of the blogs that I read I noticed that there is day dedicated to visiting your local quilt shop.

I haven't seen anyone in the UK posting about their local shop, but I thought I would!

My favourite local shop in Country Threads in Bath.

Bath is the most beautiful city I have ever visited, so many gorgeous buildings and things to see. Plus I am a Jane Austen fan, so I have been drawn to the city for years - even though she actually hated the place!

Country Threads is a treasure trove of fabrics tucked away in one of the little streets, and when I mean treasure trove I mean a quilter paradise!

Jan has a serious amount of gorgeous fabrics tucked away in an amazing, bright and huge room hidden in the back of the building!

Can you tell it is my favourite place?

Last week when I had my panic about the course this Saturday, I planned on visiting Jan on Saturday to get a jelly roll - any excuse to visit! But snow and sick children put my plans on hold!

Luckily Jan has a wonderful online shop, and she ships the same day! So my jelly roll arrived safe and sound yesterday so I could get working on my demo quilt for Saturday:

What more can a girl ask for?

The quilt is being quilted and I am not showing you any more until I have finished it!

So if you are in Bath for a day out make sure you visit Jan and check out her fabulous range of fabrics!

Address: Country Threads, 2 Pierrepont Place, Bath, BA1 1JX - see even the name of the street is fabulous!

How about your local shop?

Why not write a blog post and link up here to and help promote your local quilt shop?

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  1. I love Country threads too, I often meet Jenna from Sew Happy Geek Blog in Bath because it's halfway between us and we head straight there and spend a fortune! ;-)

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