Friday, 25 January 2013

Take a jelly roll....

My first finish of 2013 was actually started and finished in just over a day this week!

It is the first demonstration quilt for my class tomorrow - I am slowly getting the supplies organised and boxed up...

Anyway here is the finished front:

Jelly Roll 1 Front
Yes, we still have snow!

It is simply made by piecing the jelly roll strips together in a haphazard way... I just plucked them out of the pile and sewed them, trying to to get the same colours next to each other!

I love this design, Mama Said Sew from Sweetwater... in fact I am kinda in love with all their designs! 

The backing is from my stash and is Hometown by Sweetwater (seeing a theme building here??), which I have held onto for ages, but I am so glad I did!

The back

The text in the Sweetwater is always so lovely, so many things catch you eye each time you look at it!

Text and spots back

I have never used patterned fabric for a backing and I love the way it compliments the front. I quilted it using a walking foot and some Aurifil red thread, just simply lines that follow the seams of the jelly roll!

Back and Front

Another first is using the jelly roll as binding so the binding changes as it works it's way around the quilt!

Binding made up of different strips

The whole process has confirmed that I love text! Can't wait for my swap FQ from the text swap I blogged about!

Best get on with planning and packing up!


  1. Yoohoo! LOVE the backing fabric! Not that the front isn't adorable :)))Congrats on the first finish! :)

  2. Thank you! Feeling pretty chuffed!