Wednesday, 9 January 2013

To Auriful or to not Aurifil...

2012 was a year of quilting discoveries.... one of them was of the importance of thread.

I will admit I have been a long time quilter, but never given thread a second thought - I thought they were all the same.... I know!

Then I started Katy's Hexy MF quilt along in the summer and she listed Aurifil as her thread of choice.

Katy, if you don't know her, is an amazing quilter and oracle of information about quilting, so if she says this thread rocks then you HAVE to go and check it out!

At first the price knocked me out... I thought, really? That is crazy!

But I invested in some aluminium as she suggested and started hand piecing my hexagons....

I discovered the thread is incredibly flexible and the 1300m goes a very long way... I mean a very long way!

You can hand piece, machine quilt and machine stitch - all with one thread!

I now have a small collection of threads, that I am adding to slowly as I need and I don't even look at my box of polyester threads... which brings me to the dilemna I now face..

Do I use Aurifil in my classes?

Up until now I have kept my supply for my use and private students, but I feel like I am holding out on my other learners...

Should I introduce them to the joys of using Aurifil?

I guess the middle road is to use Aurifil and my polyester threads until they are all gone....


  1. I was taught the importance of good threads from my first quilting teacher and I was surprised by the difference in how nicely my machine played. And then I found Aurifil...I will never go back!

    1. They really do make a difference! I think I will introduce them to my classes slowly...

  2. everyone should know how nice aurifil thread is....introduce them after you have used up all the other threads

    1. I think I will! So much more versatile than the other polyester brand!